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Update Configuration File - Shortcut Icon

Shortcut IconUsing shortcut icons are optional but add a nice touch to your application.  For more information on creating icons see the icons page.

Use Target Folder for Shortcut Icon
This is now recommended so this utility will copy the icon file to the target folder.   This requires that you place the icon file in the server folder.

The problem is that Windows does not appear to save the icon anywhere on the users workstation.   Thus there are times when the shortcut icon doesn't get copied to the users desktop folder shortcut or other shortcut from the network.   This can happen intermittently especially if the user has just started their PC and it's busy.   Or if the user is logging in and the network just happens to be slow at that moment in time. 

Shortcut Icon File
This is the ico, exe or dll file containing the icon you want to use on your shortcuts.   

If you do want to keep the shortcut icon file on the server the ideal network location would be in the same folder as this utility.   Note that this file must be on a drive or UNC share accessible to all users.

The Shell32.dll file in your Windows\System32 folder has many icons for use. If you do use it I would suggest copying that file into the server folder, Auto FE Updater folder or other appropriate folder.  Then using that copy rather than referencing the file directly in a Windows\System32 folder.  It's quite possible Microsoft may change the icons in different operating systems which they did between Windows XP and Windows 7    It's also possible that various operating systems may have the file in different folders. 

Resource ID
This is selected by clicking on the icon of choice.  .

While not recommended you can also use environment variables in the shortcut icon file setting.  These must have %s around them.  These are the same variables you can see when you run the SET command in the command prompt window.  Examples are %appdata% or %userprofile%.  However using environment variables isn't recommended as they almost certainly won't exist the first time the user runs this utility thus they will be get an error message.  They also won't display properly in this screen. 

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