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Quick start

Create a folder on a server share for the Auto FE Updater program, associated files in the Zip file and the configuration files which will be created .    A good name would be "Auto FE Updater".   All the users must have at least read access to this folder.    Multiple configuration files, server shortcuts and icon files can be present in this folder.   This should be a folder dedicated to this purpose.    You may want to make this folder read and execute only to the users.  

Move the StartMDB.exe and other related files in the downloaded zip file to this folder.

Create another folder on the server for each your Access front ends (FE) database files  (MDB, MDE, ADP, ADE, ACCDB, ACCDR or ACCDR) and associated files such as the Lebans' PDF dlls.  Something like "Tracking Program FE" or "Granite Fleet Manager FE".  Note that all the files in this folder will be copied down to the target folder on the users PC.  

Click on the StartMDB.exe in the just created Auto FE Updater folder.  Run the Wizard with the server folder starting at the folder you just created for your Access FEs.  

When you're done the Wizard click on the Run button and see if it works.  Then try the Create User Setup Email to see how well that works on your system.  Finally update the configuration file settings to match your requirements.

Once you have the utility working to match your requirements now you want to start getting the users to use the Auto FE Updater with your application..   The simplest and most convenient option is to click on the Create User Setup Email which will work if you are on the user corporate email system.   Otherwise visit the Initial User Install page to decide which method is suitable for you.

One assumption is that you work on your Access front end database file in another folder on the server (although performance while developing can be sluggish) or on your own PC.  When ready you can, if desired, make an Access executable file, MDE or ACCDE.    Then you would copy the updated Access front end database file to the server folder.   Now the users click on the Auto FE Updater utility it will copy down the new Access front end file(s) to their target folder.

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