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Update Configuration File - Server

Settings - ServerServer Folder

Directory on server from which the files are copied. There should be no other files in this directory except those you want copied to the PC.  This includes your front end Access database file, any Access database file add-ins, ie MDEs/ACCDEs or DLLs.  

If you are using the recommended Use Target Folder for Shortcut Icon option you will also want the shortcut icon file in the server folder.

Only the path to the server folder is entered here.  You can use drive letters if desired although all the users who will use your application must also have the same drive letter.

File Name To Start

This is the front end (FE) Access database file the users will execute.   It can be one of MDB, MDE, ADP, ADE, ACCDB or ACCDB.   It must reside in the server folder in which the front end resides and thus will be copied down to the main app folder.  If the Executable option is chosen in the Start Method setting this entry can't be present and the exe will be started instead.

You can also start up any other file type, actually file extension, that is registered on your system such as Word DOC/DOCX, Excel XLS/XLSX or even Notepad .TXT files.

You can also use environment variables in the Target Folder, Server and shortcut lines.  These must have %s around them.  These are the same variables you can see when you run the SET command in the command prompt window.  Examples would be %APPDATA%, %USERPROFILE%,  %HOMEDRIVE% or %HOMEPATH%.  






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