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Basic Info Wizard Update Config File Forms Enterprise Edition
Config File Comments
Target Folder
Shortcuts 2
Shortcut Icon
User Setup Email
User Setup Email 2
Start Method
Workgroup File
Command Line
Support Message
Trusted Location
Jet 4.0 Sndbx Mode
A2003 Security Level
Add server to local
FE Started by User?
Email Alerts
Uncompressed Files
Seldom Used
Seldom Used 2
Move Server/Folder

Update Configuration File - Seldom used 2

Seldom used screen shotCopy Shortcut From Server  (Optional, default is No.)
Only required if creating shortcuts on Windows NT 4.0 systems due to a bug where the shortcut is created with a path to StartMB such as "\C:\<server name>" and your are using UNC paths to access the server.   See the 'The drive or network connection that the shortcut " refers to is unavailable' message in the Error Messages page for more details.

DoubleQuotesOnShell  (Optional)
Only required if running Access 2.0.

WindowStyle (optional)

Normal focus is the default if nothing is entered here.

  • Hide - Window is hidden and focus is passed to the hidden window. (Likely never used.)
  • NormalFocus - Window has focus and is restored to its original size and position.
  • MinimizedFocus - Window is displayed as an icon with focus.
  • MaximizedFocus - Window is maximized with focus.
  • NormalNoFocus - Window is restored to its most recent size and position. The currently active window remains active.
  • MinimizedNoFocus - Window is displayed as an icon. The currently active window remains active.

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