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Basic Info Wizard Update Config File Forms Enterprise Edition
Config File Comments
Target Folder
Shortcuts 2
Shortcut Icon
User Setup Email
User Setup Email 2
Start Method
Workgroup File
Command Line
Support Message
Trusted Location
Jet 4.0 Sndbx Mode
A2003 Security Level
Add server to local
FE Started by User?
Email Alerts
Uncompressed Files
Seldom Used
Seldom Used 2
Move Server/Folder

Update Configuration File - Configuration File Comments

Settings - Config File Comments

Clicking on the appropriate line on the left hand side list box will display the appropriate form.  I decided to use this technique as a traditional tab control would've been very ugly for all these options.   And there are a number more screens that will be added.

The Online help brings you to this set of web pages.  

The Configuration File Comments are for the developer only.  The user will never see these comments.  You can also view these in the main Select Configuration File screen by hovering over the file name.

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