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Form - Lockout - Create Email to Users

This form shows all the users in the backend database when the app was locked and all users who attempted to access the app while it was locked.   You can create three different types of emails to be created for you to send to the users.  Note that the emails are created in your email client but you must send the emails manually.

The data in the list boxes is cleared whenever you lock the application to the users.  When you exit the View Users in Backend form, and you haven't cleared the data, you will also be prompted to clear the data.   Otherwise things could be confusing when you next open this form in the future.

Email addresses are created from a combination of the network userid and the corporate email domain as found on the Master form.   If you need to override the email address, such as with individuals who are not employees of your organization, you can enter those in the View Log program.  (A future version of the Auto FE Updater utility will allow you to update this information within this utility.)

This form is available only in the Enterprise Edition.

Lockout Create Email to Users


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