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Version History



Version 3.27 (Zip) - 2018-11-02  (815 kb, 27,252 lines of code)
Version 3.27 (Windows Compressed Folder)  Download if you are unable to extract the files from the Zip file and do not have Winzip, WinRAR or similar installed on your system. The Windows error message is "File skipped unknown compression method?"

Update list

  • releasenotes=Updated for Access 2019.
  • Added support for SQL Server Native Client to View users in BE database.
  • Displays initiating error message in DspMsgBox form.
  • Added support for wonky Access behavior with respect to the db.version and Start Method = Auto Select.
  • \Minor bug fixes

Version 3.26 (Zip) - 2016-07-04  (743 kb, 27,032 lines of code)
Version 3.26 (Windows Compressed Folder)  Download if you are unable to extract the files from the Zip file and do not have Winzip, WinRAR or similar installed on your system. The Windows error message is "File skipped unknown compression method?"

  • Updated for Access 2016.  Tested in Windows 10

Version 3.25 (Zip) - 2014-03-06  (743 kb, 26,906 lines of code)
Version 3.25 (Windows Compressed Folder)  Download if you are unable to extract the files from the Zip file and do not have Winzip, WinRAR or similar installed on your system. The Windows error message is "File skipped unknown compression method?"

  • Removed stop statement left in code executed when you go to view the users in the backend.    That was rather dumb of me.

Version 3.24 (Zip) - 2014-02-27  (743 kb, 26,906 lines of code)
Version 3.24 (Windows Compressed Folder) 

  • Enterprise - Use SQL Server as the Auto FE Updater Log database.  
  • Enterprise - Renamed the AutoFEUpdater Log FE.MDE to AutoFEUpdater Log Viewer.MDE.
  • Enterprise - Log Viewer will now refresh the table links to the Enterprise settings after prompting.
  • Fixed some Workgroup File settings options
  • As always minor bug fixes

Version 3.23 (Zip) - 2014-01-09  (743 kb, 26,906 lines of code)
Version 3.23 (Windows Compressed Folder) 

  • Fixed Type Mismatch bug due to not handling commas as decimal separators.   Thanks to Gudmund Broedholt for informing me.

Version 3.22 (Zip) - 2013-12-27  (774 kb, 26,841 lines of code)
Version 3.22 (Windows Compressed Folder) 

  • Added Create Shortcut First Time Setup Only to Shortcuts to Create form.  This option will seldom be used.

Version 3.21 (Zip) - 2013-11-25  (774 kb, 26,761 lines of code)
Version 3.21 (Windows Compressed Folder) 

  • Added additional option on Add Server to local Intranet Zone screen to avoid the ugly "The Publisher could not be verified. Are you sure you want to run this software?"
  • Fix for Run Time Error 326 "resource with identifier version not found" when fetching version properties
  • Can press F12 at selected error messages to ignore message in the future
  • Can handle registry error messages using option in Seldom Used update form
  • Correct server shortcuts automatically although with a warning message to the master user
  • Handle Windows 7 junction points found in folder to be created.  Only a problem in Windows 7 64 bit edition.
  • Fix bug in View BackEnd Users and move the Access and SQL Server databases to top of screen.
  • Handle Access 2013
  • Fix for Automation error The profile for the user is a temporary profile.
  • Increased workstation ID length in AutoFEUpdater Log FE.mde

Version 3.20 - 2011-09-09  (692 kb, 22,798 lines of code)

Version 3.19 - 2011-08-24  (674 kb, 21,462 lines of code)

Version 3.18 - 2011-08-19  (709 kb, 21,239 lines of code)

  • Enterprise Edition can now create emails for all users currently in database or for all users who have tried to use the database while locked out.    
  • Error message screens can now create, but not automatically send,  emails containing the error message text to the support email address as defined in the Master screen.    Master users can now create, but not automatically send, that error message directly to Tony at Auto FE Updater support.   
  • Users will now get reminder screen after using the Auto FE Updater when the 14 day trial period has expired.   You can immediately then get a 7 day grace period to ask for and receive a trial license.
  • Remove Lock All toolbar button as I figure no one is likely using it.  If this is a problem let me know and I'll put it back
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 3.17 - 2011-07-12  (706 kb, 19,989 lines of code)

Version 3.16 - 2011-06-06  (737 kb, 19,951 lines of code)

  • Added Use Target Folder for Shortcut Icon option to Shortcun Icon form
  • Can now create second level folders in Program Files menu
  • Fix display problems when viewing users in backend databases
  • Fix 3024 Could not find file 'AutoFEUPdater Log.mdb' message
  • Fix IsNull messages when running the AutoFEUpdater FE to view the data
  • As always minor bug fixes.

Version 3.15 - 2010-11-17  (737 kb, 19,745 lines of code)

  • Fifteen days after initial setup of the Auto FE Updater utility, even if an older version, you, the developer, will be seeing a screen informing you the trial period is over every time you start the utility.
  • You can now specify a desktop folder in which to create shortcuts
  • Check box on the Seldom Used Update form to "Ignore the 1184 - Already Running App message".
  • Display users in Access database files with a password in the View Users in Backend Screen
  • Display users properly in FE databases with multiple backends. (One line of code that was wrong. <sigh>)
  • Display users in BE which are using a different FE and config file.
  • The utility now creates the AutoFEUpdater Log.MDB file if not found.   The problem was that if you did a drag and drop deploy of all new files you would copy a clean Log MDB database file over top your old one. 
  • Setting the Read Only Attribute flag was ignored
  • Fixed "No current record" message when opening AutoFEUpdater Log FE without having run any sessions.
  • As always minor bug fixes.

Version 3.14 - 2010-10-07  (737 kb, 18,192 lines of code)

Version 3.13 - 2010-10-03  (722 kb, 17,669 lines of code)

  • Improve text displayed in View users in SQL Server database
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 3.12 - 2010-09-27  (709 kb, 17,624 lines of code)

  • Enterprise Edition
    • added a view users in backend form
    • added being able to view the users in a SQL Server backend database file
  • Fixed msstdfmt.dll not found problem when locking a configuration file
  • Fixed problem where starting the utility from the AutoFEUpdater_CheckStartup code would cause problems because the Access application hadn't had time to exit and the StartMDB.exe would find the LDB/LACCDB file.
  • Added a waiting form to the above logic.
  • a few other minor bugs

Version 3.0 - 2010-09-20  to download the zip file . (709 kb, 17,226 lines of code)

  • Enterprise Edition
  • if target folder has an LDB/LACCDB file present then attempt to delete it.  If delete unsuccessful then display a warning message and stop executing.   This will stop the user from managing to run the Access application twice.

Version 2.18 - 2010-08-26   (369 kb, 13,542 lines of code)

Version 2.17 - 2010-08-24  (370 kb, 13,491 lines of code)

  • Minor fix for a bizarre problem in the new toolbar code and a form opened in modal mode.   Unfortunately this means that an extra mouse click is required when viewing an error or warning message after you hit the run toolbar button.  This will only affect developers who are running the utility.  I will be contacting the author of the code once I create a repro case with source code.

Version 2.16 - 2010-08-22   (370 kb, 13,479 lines of code)

  • Add better code in the Auto FE Updater Sample Code V1.01.mdb file to handle when testing on the developers local copy
  • Minor bug fix when reading the Access 2003 Security Level registry entry when the registry entry is not present on the target system

Version 2.15 - 2010-08-20  (368 kb, 13,479 lines of code)

  • Replaced command buttons on main form with toolbar.

Version 2.14 - 2010-08-09  . (344 kb, 13,136 lines of code)

  • Fixed bug on initial startup in a clean folder which consumed massive amounts of RAM and caused a subscript overflow message.

Version 2.13 - 2010-07-08 . (336 kb, 12,625 lines of code)

  • To be considered a master user, who can update the Auto FE Updater config files, both the workstation ID and user ID must be present.  This is automatically updated for current master users.
  • Added Master Auto FE Updater Config File update form
  • Only master user can update server shortcut and server cmd/bat files
  • Create Trusted Locations Subfolders in Access 2007 and 2010
  • Create shortcuts in My Documents folder
  • Update Access 2003 Security Level
  • Update Jet 4.0 Sandbox Mode
  • Create Intranet Zone for server to avoid users getting the annoying "The publisher could not be trusted" message
  • Added logic to handle user starting the Access FE file directly such as using the Windows 7 task bar pinning. Includes VBA code to import into your Access database file.
  • Added Start Method = Display File Count Message.  This option does not start an Access FE database file or another file but just displays a message showing how many files were copied to the target folder.

Version 2.12 - 2010-03-18   (272 kb, 11,703 lines of code)

  • Command line now supported for Start Method = File Extension
  • Minor updates to update form
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 2.11 - 2010-02-16 . (267 kb, 11,327 lines of code) 

  • Update form bug fixes
  • StartMethod=PreferredVersion-97 now supported
  • If user clicks on startmdb.exe ugly null command line message now replaced with list of configuration files and a run button.  Thanks to David W Fenton for bringing this deficiency to my attention.

Version 2.00 - 2010-01-31 . (268 kb, 11,282 lines of code) 

  • Wizard screens

  • Update screens

  • Create User Email

  • Updated menus

  • Reworked website

Version 1.83 - 2009-11-18

  • Set Read Only Attribute=off to turn off the read only attribute when copying from a read only folder on the server

  • Set Access 2010 Trusted Location=yes

  • ServerShortCutPath can be specified

  • Digitally signed the exe file so the nasty "publisher could not be verified" message no longer appears

  • Created a new command button to create server shortcut links for emailing

  • Handle "Traverse Folder" permissions settings\

  • Added "Licensed to" to all forms

Version 1.82  - 2009-11-18

  • Corrected several embarrassingly stupid bugs in the Check For Updates logic including the Bad Data Found message the first time you run the utility. 
  • Display a message if there is no hotfix available for download
  • Fixed the following message that appears if you're using the Set Access 2007 Trusted Location=yes line
    'The following error occurred in procedure Log_Log Action of Module Log
    Object variable or with block variable not set"
  • If you lock the users out of running the app then the message screen no longer displays the URL or the Copy Message to Clipboard command button.

Version 1.81  - 2009-11-14

  • Stop the user from seeing the 'Access 2007 Security Warning - Certain content in this database has been disabled' message.. 
    Set Access 2007 Trusted Location=yes can now be specified in the INI file.

  • My Documents can now be specified in the MainApps entry

  • Check for updates to the Auto FE Updater program.

  • Added "Place the CMD launcher line into the clipboard" command button

  • Minor bug fixes and better error messages

Version 1.79 - 2009-09-29

  • Added ShortCutComment to INI file for the user to see when hovering over a shortcut.
  • Fixed bug where if creating both a Program Files shortcut with a folder and a desktop shortcut the utility would attempt to add the shortcut to a folder to the desktop
    - Thanks to Noel Mann of New Zealand for the ShortCutComment suggestion and the above bug report
  • Utility will now correct shortcut icon where the user has updated that fielld or the admin wants to change them.
  • Fixed various minor bugs and created better error messages mostly in the area of shortcut handling

Version 1.78  - 2009-09-22

  • Added ProgramsMenuFolder option to create a folder in your Start >> All Programs menu for such shortcuts.
  • Added command buttons to open the server folder or the Main App Folder in Windows Explorer.  If the user gets an error message they only see the button to open the Main App Folder.
  • Fixed StartMDB.exe staying in memory
  • Changed StartMethod=FileExtension to use a different API call as the API call I chose to use did not handle file extensions longer than 3 characters consistently including ACCDB and ACCDE.
  • Remove Startmethod=FileExtensionSimple as it is now the same as StartMethod=FileExtension
  • Documented NewINIPathAndFile in the INI pages and updated the FAQ page.  "This line is only used when moving servers or such as this will rewrite the path and name of the StartMDB exe and INI file in the target of the shortcut.   This line is only placed in the old INI file."
  • Minor bug fixes, and some better error handling and clearer error messages in a few places.

Version 1.77  - 2009-09-08

  • Added FileExtension and FileExtensionSimple to the StartMethod.   This now means the utility can be used for ADP/ADEs or any other file extension really.  This method can be easier for the developer for testing purposes than AutoSelect if  the developer is using Access 2003 on their system and has Access 2007 installed as the AutoSelect starts the newest version of Access.  Thus causing the annoying wait while Access 2007 installs itself.
  • Added a debug checkbox to the developers form so you can see what the Auto FE Updater wants to do before you run the utility
  • Updated website showing the CreateShortCutOnPrograms and CreateShortCutOnCommonPrograms options which have been available for some considerable length of time but weren't documented on the website.  Oops.

Version 1.76  - 2009-01-26

  • Fixed occasional "Type mismatch" error message.  Thanks to Roy-Vidar Steining for being persistent in solving this baffling message.  
  • Write date of file copied to local INI file in ISO yyyy-mm-dd format.

Version 1.74 - 2007-11-29

  • Added FileNameToStart as an entry in the INI file so the MDB/MDE file name no longer needs to be on the MainApp line.   This will simplify setting up the INI file.
  • Using the LowMacroSecurity means of starting Access will now start Access in maximized mode
  • UNC paths now supported in MainApp INI file entry. 
  • Assorted minor bug fixes.

Version 1.73 - 2007-06-11

  • Windows Vista now supported. 
  • Starting an exe, such as the Sagekey runtime system, is now supported.
  • Fixed the "The MDW account name and password in the INI file weren't valid for opening the MDB to determine the version of the MDB" message when in a mixed operating system work station environment.
  • Emphasized using %appdata% as a location for the Front End MDB/MDE in the sample ini files and documentation
  • Added error numbers to the messages.  It was getting a bit difficult tracking down specific error messages in the code. 

Version 1.72 - 2007-04-05

  • Added LowMacroSecurity to StartMethod options
  • Fixed message when A2007 went to open up an Access 2003 or previous version file

Version 1.71 - 2007-03-30

  • Handles Access 2007 ACCDBs 
  • Fixed improper handling of Shortcut errors when ShortcutErrorMessageHandling was specified.

Version 1.69 - 2005-02-15

  • Fixed different MDW passwords being saved due to different operating systems.  You will have to resave the MDW password in the INI file.   Note that the encryption common to all 32 bit operating systems is only 40 bit thus quite weak.  However the passwords are relatively short and Access security isn't the greatest anyhow. 
  • Removed "Directory on server '\\server_name\share_name' does not exist or you have a permissions problem." message.   This was causing problems when only the server name and share name was present.  It worked fine if there was also a folder name present.  The next check is for the actual file name so the above is really a redundant message. 

Version 1.68 - 2004-12-02

  • Added the missing files such as the sample INI files to the zip file.
  • Fixed obscure bug when encrypting passwords. 

Version 1.66 - 2004-09-13.  

  • Added support for secured MDB/MDEs.

Version 1.65 - 2004-08-03

  • Added OS version, user id and work station name to text copied to clipboard for debugging purposes.
  • Improved redisplay of INI file list after locking/unlocking users from INI files
  • Added CopyShortCutFromServer option for workaround for NT 4.0 bug when creating shortcuts with UNC paths on server.  Thanks to Christopher C for notifying me.
  • Fixed bug "The following error occurred while attempting to determine the Access/Jet version of the file - 3050 Could not lock file. Database or network share may be read only."  Also thanks to Christopher C.
  • Fixed bug "The StartMethod is FilePath but there is no Shell line present in the INI file."  Thanks to Simon K.

Version 1.64 - 2004-07-22

  • Fixed bug where if command line was present it would put in the shortcut line instead.  Thanks to Ian P for notifying me.

Version 1.63 - 2004-07-20

  • Added lockout, un-lockout and un-lockout all buttons and About screen.
  • Fixed bug where if CreateShortCutOnDesktop=Yes then it gave you a message even when ShortCutName was present.  "Either CreateShortCutOnDesktop or CreateShortCutOnCommonDesktop values are set to 'yes' in INI file but ShortCutName is not present."  Thanks for Dorci R for notifying me.

Version 1.61 - 2004-07-17

  • Fixed bug where debugging message box came up titled "Auto FE Updater", with a message of "R drive" and an OK button and you are using the StartMethod=FilePath option.  Thanks to Stephen H of Australia for notifying me.

Version 1.6 - 2004-07-17 

  • If no command line passed to utility then display form listing INI files
  • Select icon file and specific icon (specifically resource file and resource id)
  • Create shortcut on server, desktop, desktop and quick launch including the icon
  • Verify that shortcut(s) specified hasn't been changed by user
  • Create .bat/.cmd files on server with comment lines
  • Added optional LauncherEXEPath to INI file due to VB behavior change for app.path
  • Added AutoFEUPDater.INI on server file with master1-5 logic
  • Removed Master line from detail INI files with a warning message if still found
  • Removed ShortCut line from detail INI files with a warning message if still found

Version 1.58 - 2004/06/15

  • StartMethod=AutoSelect, FileExtension, FilePath   (Optional, default is AutoSelect)  This option choose the method which starts the MDB file.   AutoSelect determines the version of Access of the MDB file and then locates that version of Access using the registry.   Or if the MDB is in Access 2000 or newer it will look for a compatible version of Access. 
  • DoubleQuotesOnShell=Yes (Optional) If running Access 2.0 MDB then set this to No.

Bug:  If you are using the StartMethod=AutoSelect and the user is a regular user, not a power or Admin user, then the utility couldn't determine what versions of Access were installed on the target system.  Fixed in newer versions.

Version 1.55 - 2004/05/31

  • Fixed bug where command line didn't have ""s after the 'inifile:' and also at the end of the command line
  • Added Copy to Clipboard command button to error message screen to make it easier for users to send the error message and their current INI file to the support personnel.   Or for implementers to email me with details of the problem. 

Version 1.51 - 2004/05/24

  • Added DspMsgBox form
  • better error handling and file existence checks (to reduce your confusion and emails to me.  <smile>)
  • environment variables support
  • %user%, %workstn% and environment variables supported in command line
  • UNC paths support
  • Master workstation INI file entry to allow you the developer to have a button which you click to open the INI file if an error message is displayed
  • CreateShortCutOnCommonDesktop option

Version 1.4 - 2002/04/12  (Yes, it does say V1.3.  My mistake.)

  • Added the option for putting user name or work station name in the directory name.  This allows for better integration with Terminal Server/Citrix or keeping individual front ends on the server.
  • Added WindowStyle option
  • Fixed bug where Shell was defaulting the WindowStyle option to Hide.  Thanks to AC for reporting this.

Version 1.3 - 2002/04/10

  • Use Shell command to explicitly point to a MSACCESS.EXE file (to handle multiple versions of access on the work station.)
  • This then allowed the CommandLine option to properly work
  • Tested Lockout logic
  • Added CreateShortCutOnDesktop

Version 1.0 - 2000/06/04

  • Initial Version

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