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"I've been using Tony's Auto FE Updater for a number of years and highly recommend it. For years I kept the FE on the server because of the hassles involved in distributing new versions to 20+ users, but eventually ran into major problems with data corruption. I looked at a number of options and found that Tony's was the simplest and most transparent to use -- you can truly set it up and forget it. I can make changes to the FE as often as needed, and all I have to do is drop a copy of it in the specified folder on the server -- that's it. The next time the user's run the app their copy is updated so seamlessly that I doubt they are even aware of it.  This utility rates five stars --"
Judy R, First Baptist Church, Elkhart IN

"Hi Tony

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks for AutoFE Updater.  I just happened to see your latest blog post in the blogroll on the main page of when I was browsing tonight.  I have to admit that your blog post caught my attention, because I've been using Auto FE Updater for a long time and have to admit that I never thought to look for updated versions, because the version I keep handy has always just worked.  I have three separate clients using Access solutions, all are Access 2003 running on Windows 2003 / Windows XP.   Just for curiosities sake, I took a look at the version that is still being used at these three sites today . . .  Auto FE 1.4       Obviously, I'm going to be looking at updating now but I wanted to say thanks again for a rock-solid product that has just worked for me for the last 7 years."
Chad Gross, SBS MVP 2003-2008 Blog . .Third Tier

"Tony, thanks again for this slick utility. I should have looked at it when I first split my development / production mdb! "
Clif McIrvin, Quality Assurance Manager, McPherson Concrete Products, Inc.

Online comments

I get many thanks from the folks who post questions in the news groups or direct emails.  Mind you they usually start off with a compliment but then ask questions.  Here's a sampling from the news groups.

First, thanks for this, it's great Nov 18, 2009

It will be kept up to date with Tony Toews' excellent Auto FE Updater, thanks Tony!). Come January, when students and staff return, it will be ready to go! Dec 20, 2002

I use it for keeping Access Front-Ends up-to-date, and it works really slick   Dec 29 2004

I found that the distribution thingy on Tony Toews's website worked well  May 27, 2002

Tony (among a few others, but I use his) has an AutoFE Updater  program that works excellent.  Store the active version of the FE (and any files that go with it) on the server, and his startup app will copy over any nonexistent or more recently updated files to the users FE location.  This happens every time they start the app and works seamlessly.  Not to mention that deploying the app is easy.  Just copy the new FE over the old one in the server folder and you're done. Nov 11, 2009

I am using Tony's AutoFE...Thank you, Tony!  Dec 2, 2009

The program is great Mar 20, 2007

I use Tony's AutoFE updater, and it is awesome. Without it I don't know how I would deploy my apps. Jan 20, 2010

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