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The primary purpose of the Auto FE Updater utility is to copy the developers front end Access file (MDB, MDE, ADP, ADE, ACCDB, ACCDE, etc) from the file server to the users PC.  The files get copied down only when the developer places an updated copy of the FE on the server thus reducing network load.

Alternative scenarios include

  • copying associated files such as Lebans' PDF DLLs, the InfoZip compression DLLs or other files.  
  • The suggested location is the users application data folder on their PC which can be specified by using an %appdata% variable.   (such as C:\Documents and Settings\ in Windows XP or C:\Users\ in Windows Vista or newer)
  • copying the files to a user specific folder on the network if required by the IT department departments or Terminal Server/Citrix Server environments.  See the %user% variable. Such as \\Server\Share\Databases\FE\%user%.

Shortcuts can be created:

  • on the users desktop
  • in the users Start >> All Programs menu
  • in the users Quick Launch area. 
  • on the server for ease of use in emailing a URL to the user for initial setup

Shortcuts can have custom icons and comments for the user to see when they hover over the shortcut..

CMD/BAT files to run the Auto FE Updater utility can be created for use with Citrix or as required.

Handles databases distributed with Access User Level Security

Creates the Access 2007 and newer Trusted Locations registry entries so the user no longer sees the 'Access Security Warning - Certain content in this database has been disabled'

Can start another exe such as the Sagekey runtime system

Developer ease of use features

Command buttons to open various folders.

With a few mouse clicks create a user email which the user only needs to click on the embedded hyperlink to setup and start executing your Access application.

Create a shortcut to the Auto FE Updater utility on the developers desktop

Users can click on the Copy To Clipboard item to easily email any error messages to the developer.  The Enterprise Edition can automatically email all error messages to the developers and/or IT admin staff.

Lockout the users from entering the system so maintenance can be performed on the backend.  The Enterprise Edition can view the users currently using the Access BE or SQL Server database file.

Easily move the users to a new server and/or server share (See the Moving Server/Folder screen)

Check for updates to the Auto FE Updater utility whenever the developer runs the utility

Check for hotfix when I create new features to handle specific problems identified by a developer

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