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The Auto FE updater target folders can be in the Users Application Data folder in each PC or elsewhere on their hard drive..  Or a user specific network locations which is especially useful if you are using Terminal Server or Citrix. . The Auto FE Updater checks for new FE MDB/MDE/ACCDB/ACCDE and associated files each time a user launches the utility. If there are new files, they will be copied down before the application starts. If an application is already in use, new files will be retrieved the next time the utility is run. Thus, each user automatically gets the latest version of any file when you roll out changes ... simple, convenient and effortless!

The Auto FE Updater can:

  • create a folder for each user on the users workstation, terminal server, file server or network home path
  • copy the updated FE MDB/MDE/ACCDB/ACCDE/etc and associated, or other, files to the above specified folder
  • create shortcuts on the desktop, quick launch bar, All Programs or server shares
  • create bat/cmd files as required by Citrix
  • update registry keys
  • use custom icons for shortcuts
  • temporarily lockout users from starting the app.

Once the utility has completed the user setup it will then start the Access front end MDE/MDB/ACCDB/ACCDE passing, if required, command line arguments such as Workgroup file name. If none of the above steps are required they are bypassed and the utility just starts the Access front end database file

The utility has been tested with success on every version of Access from 2.0 to 2019 as well as Access 365.  It has also been tested from Windows 98 and NT 4.0 to Windows 10 and all versions of Windows Server.  This utility will also work with Terminal Server and Citrix Servers as well as for ADP/ADEs or any other software which requires refreshes of files to the client workstation.  It also works with the Sagekey Acess Deployment Tools start up program or any other exe.

You can also use the utility copy and start other applications too such as Word or Excel.   Or just to copy files and display a file count message to the user.

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