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Q: I would like the application to use an alternate .mdw file when starting. I've placed the /wrkgrp command switch in the CommandLine section, but for some reason it's not picking the command line up at all.
A: Recent updates to the logic should have fixed this unless you are using the Start Method=Low Macro Security.  For Low Macro Security only due to how Windows works I have no way of passing a command line to Access.

Q: Why are there two shortcuts being created on the users desktop?
A: You've specified both the Desktop Shortcut and the Common Desktop Shortcut.   Remove the Common Desktop Shortcut option as it no longer works in Windows Vista and newer.   Microsoft have restricted updates to the common folders to be by administrators only.

Q: The workstations are frequently used by multiple users. I don't want other users' to be able to see this application or have it be accidentally deleted when the workstation is imaged.
A: The FE should be installed in the users Application Data directory on the workstation.   In the Target screen use the %appdata% environment variable.  

Q: I have to do some preprocessing in VBScript and then have different FEs on different servers called depending on where the computer is located in the WAN.
A: Create a configuration file with the appropriate settings for each of the servers along with StartMDB.exe.  Once you've determined the local server then call StartMDB.exe using command line parameters such as "\\server1\share1\StartMDB\StartMDB.exe" /cmd /inifile"\\server1\share1\Auto FE Updater\<name of configuration file>.ini"

Q: I'd like to add comment lines to the AutoFEUpdater.INI file to annotate which computer name belongs to whom.
1) The only work station names in the AutoFEUpdater.INI file should be those of the developers as these entries give those workstation users the AutoFEUpdater GUI to work with the INI files
2) You can't do it on the individual lines Master1-3 as INI files don't work that way without extra logic on my part.  However you can add additional lines in the INI file as you wish.  These will be ignored by the Auto FE Updater. 

Q: Is there any way to insert a command into the Auto FE Updater .ini file to tell it to run either a batch file or .exe file before it does anything else?
Yes, although you can only start a .bat, .cmd or exe file. You can't then start an MDB/MDE running using the Auto FE Updater.  The bat, cmd or exe file will then have to start the MDB/MDE/etc   You can use the Executable Start Method option.

Q:  I'm moving the files from one server to another server.  How do I easily use the Auto FE Updater to get the users to use the FE from a folder on the new server? 
Q: I want to move the BE MDB to a different folder on the same server.
There are two parts to this. One is to replace the FE MDE so it's linked to the new server folder and folder structure and the other to change the target of the shortcut to use the new Auto FE Updater INI file.

On the day of the switchover delete/rename the BE MDB file from the old server so just in case something gets missed they can't work with the old MDB file.  You're moving it to a new server anyhow so don't leave it easily available on the old server.

Copy the new FE MDE which is linked to the new BE server and folder to the FE path on the old server. This way when the users run the old shortcut for the first time they will get switched over to the new FE MDE.

Update the AutoFEUpdater INI file on the old server to be the same as the INI file on the new server. When the users run the new INI for the first time they will get a warning message saying the shortcut on their system is different. Use the Shortcut Error Message Handling option set to "Correct problem with no message to user" on the configuration file on the old server to ignore that message so the shortcut gets updated transparently to the user.

Use the New INI Path And File entry in the old INI file.   This line is only used when moving servers or such as this will rewrite the path and name of the StartMDB exe and INI file in the target of the shortcut.  

This can all be tested ahead of time.

Q: Why does using the Auto FE Updater strip the menu bar from the Access program the users see?  And what about the right click menus while in forms?
A: That's caused by the runtime switch present in the Command Line entry in the sample INI files published with versions prior to 2.0. Remove that line from the INI file.   If you are distributing a runtime you must create your own menu bar.   Distributing the file in this fashion is slightly more secure thus I've chosen this as being the default in the past.

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