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My Future

So now you're wondering about the future of this product in case Tony Toews rides off into the sunset. 

A good friend of mine for the last ten years and I jointly run the DNS, email and web server on which you are reading this web page..  Jim will take over answering emails and arranging for feature requests and bug fixes.   An encrypted zip file containing the Auto FE Updater source code and test files is emailed to Jim whenever I create a new version. 

I've made arrangements with several current or former long time Visual Basic 6 aka Classic VB MVPs to be available if required to take over development of this utility.  If you are familiar with the VB 6 world you would recognize their names as they are prolific newsgroup posters, website, book and column authors.

And I really, really enjoy programming, systems design and working on this utility.  I can assure you I'm not going anywhere for a long time.

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