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Future enhancements

More features to come so keep checking for updates.

Copy subfolders and files within the subfolders.  Using a zip file and having the Auto FE Updater uncompress the contents works for now.

Enabling hot keys in shortcuts? 

If anyone is interested I'll do some research and see how these work.  I personally really like shortcut hot keys and have them enabled for my favourite programs.   For example f my Newsgroup Answers database it's Ctrl+Alt+F

Wizard - DONE

I will soon be creating a wizard to get developers unfamiliar with the Auto FE Updater utility going rapidly and efficiently.

Forms to change options - DONE

This is probably the most requested feature.  Forms to change the options in the INI file so you don't have to edit the INI file directly using Notepad.

One of the interesting problems here though is there are so many options the tab control would be very cluttered.  So I need to seriously consider a meaningful, initiative GUI.

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